User Interface Design

Content Strategy and Production. User Experience Design.
User Interface Design. User Testing.

Content Strategy & Production

First of all, we decide on what content is crucial for the product and what is a secondary need. Having in mind what we wish to communicate to our target audience, we create a low fidelity wireframe.

User Experience Design

Here we start user testing the wireframe on hand to make sure that the content is easily understandable, the navigation is clear and that the user can complete the tasks given while using the interface provided.

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User Interface Design

More important than anything is the usability in any interface. Only after the wireframe has passed usability tests, we move to adding more character that communicates business values.

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User Testing & Reporting

Throughout the development of design we ensure to stay on track by continuously testing it and keeping track of it. All of the data is stored and given to the client in a form of a report.

UI design

Great User Interface Design Secrets

One thing that we can’t stress enough is the navigation. Every part of interface should be clearly labeled and placed strategically for the users.

Across your product you should be using common elements. This allows people to understand patterns and learn how your site works more quickly and more efficiently.

Generally, when you stick to simple design your target audience is able to see what your products or services are clearly and without confusion. When you have complicated designs, it may look phenomenal, but it’s likely to cloud the underlying purpose of the product.


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